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Currently being a US $ 20,00,000 venture, AFI is recognized as an undisputed leading name in the Air Filtration Industry. The philosophy of our company is explained by the slogan- “Better Air Anywhere". Our company exports 90% of its products to countries like Bangladesh, Turkey and Malaysia.

Owing to our customer oriented approaches, we are a proud member of DGIFT. The company has got a strong base in New Delhi, Chennai, Pune, Vadodara, Hyderabad and Dhaka. Holding profound know-how for developing high-test Ceiling Filter which can be installed horizontally and vertically, we at AFI house mechanical engineers and design team professionals comply with guidelines pertaining to design and fabrication processes. We also provide the services of dismantling, installing & testing of our products at the client's site. Some of our major customers including Reliance Industries Limited, Power Grid Corporation, JCT Electronics, amongst others.   

Product Range

  • Filters: Pad & Roll, Pre Filter, Pocket/Bag Filter, 1-Micron Semi Hepa filter, Hepa Filter, Mini Pleat Hepa, Clean Room Validation, Spray Paint Booth Filter, High Temp. Oven Filter, Ceiling Filter, etc.
  • Chemical Products: Non Wovens for car engine, seat, boot, door, floor, head liner, pillars, and acoustics

AFI has joined hands with Germany's most reputed group 4CR which manufactures Disposable Products for the Auto Body Repair Industry including: 

  • Masking tape, masking film, masking paper, velcro disc, waterproof sheet, dry roll, seam sealer, stone chip protection, cartridge gun, tack rag cloth, dust mark, anti dust booth coating.
Product We Import

Besides all the above mentioned range of products, we are also highly renowned in the market as an importer of Filter Media as well.

Product Usage

AFI's products are being used in several industries including the following:
  • Automobile Industry
  • Fertilizer Plants
  • Petrochemicals
  • Gas Turbines
  • Electronic Industries
  • Pharmaceuticals Industries
  • Hotels & Hospitals
  • Food Processing Units
  • Spray Paint Booths.

AFI provides replacement filters for all types of HVAC system air filtration equipment that can be installed in the industrial premises. Our company provides a direct replacement and can recommend efficient alternatives for improved indoor air quality, at a lower cost with assured durability. We hold technical association with 4CR of Germany and Libeltex Nv, Belgium, a part of the British Vita Group, which is a world leader in the manufacture of non-woven fabrics, polymer foam and fabric compounds.

The professionals of our company procure superior quality filter materials, papers and other mediums from the markets of USA, Belgium, China and France. We also possess an ultra modern lab being installed with testing equipment including aerosol photometer, test rigs, DOP smoke generator, aerosol particle counter, vibration tester, velometer and laser particle counter. An yearly calibration for all our appliances is strictly followed. Based on undertaking these crucial tests, we have been accredited with ISO certification. Our products are approved by all major dealers like- Honda, Toyota, Suzuki and others.


Our infrastructure is situated over a massive 18,000 sq. ft. area at Kolkata. With the implementation of advanced technology integration, waste reduction and efficiency improvement; we have installed latest machinery at our units. Major emphasis is given on compliance and implementation of international quality standards (including ISO standards) with strategic planning, cost reduction, and utilization of self-directed work teams. The company's expert workforce is over 100 professionals including engineers, mechanics, management graduates, that leads in adding value to our unit. Some of the key features of our units can be witnessed as:
  • Our filter manufacturing machinery includes pre-filter pleating m/c, fine filter pleating m/c, pocket filter welding m/c, hepa pleating m/c, mini pleat hepa m/c, aluminium corrugation m/c, etc.
  • Pre, fine & pocket filters confirm to ASHRAE 52.2 P
  • Specialized clean room for mfg. of hepa & mini pleat hepa filters
  • Accurate documentation supply to each customer along with the product
  • QAP report
  • Internal inspection report
  • Test report
  • Guarantee report
  • Customer feedback report.